Lights And Waves

Lights And Waves
The Night Muse

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paradise Lost

Night falls and the shadows rise,
Suspicions crawling out of the holes of consciousness like snakes
Gnarled thoughts twisting inside the head
Squeezing sleep from red eyes,
As the clock marches merrily on.

'What ifs' and 'but thens' come out to play,
On a stage adorned with poisonous tendrils...
And ignorance and innocence long withered,
Are strewn on the floor, gaily trampled on.

Strange sounds in stranger lands...
Thoughts hitherto unconceived
In Eden’s calm.
Now come hurling through
Like a storm, a gale
Piercing the ears like Siren's wail

And in its wake leaves behind
A paradise lost.

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