Lights And Waves

Lights And Waves
The Night Muse

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Travel Guide

Sphinx eyes and purple smile,
She sits atop the tree,
Swinging her mercury feet down at me.
“I have been to the place where souls go to be reborn,”
Boasted the wild-haired elfish figure,
“A concrete path, leading off from reality
Ending in a slippery slope
And just as the ground levels,
You see the dying floating towards it from afar
And bounce off the pit in a shower of silver light into the skies.”

She promised she’ll take me there,
But she never told me when.

Travelling through continuums,
She has visited concepts and ideas –
Celestial and bestial -
That city a few hours’ drive from waking life
Where one drinks deep from the icy lakes spouting violet lotuses
And chases bamboo bridges that dissolve in the mist.
“I have been to your god’s chambers …
He had long run away from all the noise of chants and clanging bells.”
Still, she promised she’ll take me there.

She laughed her echoing laugh
And it changed colours in the wind.
“I have swum in the deepest lake where the waters are emerald and dolphins follow you to the burning sunset.
Just beyond the lake are abandoned jungles and slithering vines
Claiming the remnants of your civilisation’s tall monuments”.
She said I could see it all if I flew over on her giant eagle.

She promised she’ll take me there,
She, in her golden skin - unfettered by human robes.
As the sun approached us, she had to go
But promised she would be back
To tell of secret caves in walking mountains.

So I wait, sitting under the tree and hugging myself.
She had promised she would come and take me there,
But she never told me when.