Lights And Waves

Lights And Waves
The Night Muse

Monday, September 3, 2012


I am the Fury, the red on your canvas
The punch of the rebellious fist
The howl of the unwilling submission.
The hot tears that will burn the ground you stand on;
Huff and puff and the tyranny will fall down.
The black eyes that will scorch all that is unjust,
Purify the pool of cruel apathy.
I am the roar of a million souls
Bound to shackles of dust
Ignoble, ignorant citizens of a zombie nation.

The red sunshine twinkles in the distant
Lit with their drops of blood and sweat.
A thousand arms strain to hold up the rainbow
Into the skies for the kings and ministers.
I bear the flag of revolution
Flogged and flailing,
I march to the horizon.
Hark, my fellowmen
The tales of the past
The trickery of the present
The tidings of the future.
We bear brittle yokes.
Beyond these bars
Lie the golden dawn.

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